Things have come so far and my life is better than I
ever thought it could be. I feel hopeful about the future.
-Family Member

What is WrapAround?

WrapAround is a new approach to helping families and children with complex needs find solutions and have a better life. Teams of family, friends and professionals are built and come together to “wrap” individual families in community supports.

WrapAround is rooted in the belief that people know what is best for them and what they need, and that all individuals have strengths and gifts to contribute. WrapAround also believes that local communities are full of resources and creativity and that communities and individuals are enriched as people work together.

What is a Facilitator?

A WrapAround Facilitator tries to work as “glue” for the family, friends, community and services. They know the family and their strengths.

Facilitators work to ensure that others listen to the family about what is important to them and what they think would be helpful. The Facilitator also acts as a coordinator for the family’s support team, providing encouragement and keeping things on track and moving forward. Facilitator’s ensure that the family’s plan is written up and followed and changes are made to the plan as needed.

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